What Major League Pitchers Really Do

“If all you want to do is fit in…You will never Stand Out.”

Major League Pitchers became Major League Pitchers because they do things differently.

They don’t think like the average pitcher. They don’t train like the average pitcher. And they definitely don’t pitch like the average pitcher.

Major League Pitchers do things mentally, emotionally and physically that the average pitcher won’t.

What really separates Major League Pitchers from average pitchers is they understand there is a deeper level of pitching knowledge and confidence you must have if you want to pitch in the Major Leagues.

While 99.999% of pitchers, parents and coaches still think that Pitching Mechanics, Pitch grips and Arm Band workouts are what gets you to the Major Leagues.

Major League Pitchers are working an intimately personal pitching program that’s like nobody else’s in the world.

Every Major League Pitcher in the history of baseball has been uniquely different.

No two pitchers have ever been the same, ever.

Yet almost every pitcher or parent that calls me wants to argue about how some Pitching Guru’s throwing program is going to turn them into the next Clayton Kershaw.

But they really have no idea what Clayton Kershaw does on a daily basis to be the elite pitcher he is.

Don’t get me wrong, pitching fundamentals are essential and important.

But they won’t give you an advantage over another Minor League or Major League Pitcher.

All Major League GM’s really care about is whether or not you can consistently get Major League Hitters out. PERIOD.

So if you’re banking on your physical skills alone getting you a Major League job you’re going to be gravely disappointed.

The Minor Leagues are filled with a ton of physically talented, 90+ mph pitchers that get cut and released every year.

I know, I was one of them.


Because I was pitching not to get released (defensive, not to lose) instead of throwing pitches that would get Major League hitters out (aggressive, pitching to win).

I didn’t understand that I needed to mentally, emotionally and physically focus on how to get professional hitters out.

The Minor League reality does that to you. It rattles your confidence.

When you first sign your first Professional Contract you’re in fantasy land thinking you’re just around the corner from your Major League dreams.

Then you arrive at spring training or extended spring training and it finally hits you.

There are 150 other pitchers just like you who think they are just around the corner from their Major League Dreams.

Then the doubt, fear and the comparisons starting flooding your mind and you realize that the odds are stacked against you.

Let me tell you that moment sucks.

In the blink of an eye your Major League dream starts to feel like wishful thinking and you start having those first real negative thoughts.

Did I just make a huge mistake? There is no way I can pitch like them.

I don’t care what any Minor League pitcher says every one of them has had those negative thoughts.

It’s a natural response to the most intense competition of your life.

Every Minor League is a great pitcher in their own right. Every pitcher deserves a shot.

But the reality is, there are a lot more Minor League Pitchers than Major League Jobs and no pitcher in the Major Leagues is begging you to come take theirs.

This is the moment that separates Major League Pitchers from Minor League Pitchers.

At some point every Minor League Pitcher has a confidence breakthrough where they finally understand that they are in control of their Pitching Future and Professional Career.

They quit worrying about what any other pitcher is doing and focus on consistently get Major League hitters out.

That’s the moment their whole pitching career changes.

They start focusing on only what they can control.

They start putting together a personal development pitching plan that focuses on their own unique pitching skills.

They finally understand that their ability to continue to grow, mature and make confident adjustments as a pitcher will be the ultimate determining factor on whether they ever spend one day in the Major Leagues.

They decide to take total control of their pitching future.

No excuses. No comparisons. No looking back.

Forget the risk. Can’t worry about the odds.

All they want is just one opportunity to prove to one Major League team that they can consistently get out the best hitters in the world.

That’s what separates Major League Pitchers from the rest of the pitchers in the world.

Unfortunately I learned that about 5 years after my professional career was over.

That’s why I created S.T.A.R.T.T. Pitching.

I know personally how hard it is just to get drafted or sign a professional contract.

But what got you drafted more than likely won’t get you to the Major Leagues.

S.T.A.R.T.T. Pitching gives Professional Pitchers a personal confidential resource that they can trust to help them have the mental and emotional confidence breakthrough that it takes to pitch in the Major Leagues.

If you’re looking for someone to tell you what you want to hear, then I am not the Coach for you.

But if you looking for a real, honest conversation about what it takes for you to pitch at the Major League level then I would love to work with you.

Surviving the Minor Leagues is tough enough already, but when you feel like you are going through it alone it can seem like an impossible journey to reach your pitching dreams.

It’s not easy and it shouldn’t be, it’s the Major Leagues.

But it’s not impossible either, difficult yes, but not impossible.

Somebody is going to pitch in the Major Leagues.

It might as well be YOU.

P.S. Don’t be like me and let your fears, doubts and pride get in the way of asking the right people for advice and help.

By the time I realized I didn’t know what I needed to do, my career was over.