7 Second Strategy


  • The single, critical key unlocking machine-like consistency and command! (Tell your son to do this one thing and big-game pressure will roll off his back like a summer breeze)
  • How to avoid becoming predictable to hitters (Careful, once your opponents ‘hack’ your pitches you’re in for a rough day!)
  • The two pillars of unshakeable pitching confidence (And how to make them a permanent part of your game)
  • How to remove your emotions and get ‘dialed in’ no matter the outcome of the last pitch! (Truly the secret to becoming a big-game pitcher coaches know they can count on when it matters)
  • Why you should never try to throw strikes (This is a BIG mindset shift that once your son gets it, will unlock more confidence, patience, and control than you ever imagined possible)
  • The “feel the pitch” secret that ensures you’re not tipping your pitches (When you’re at the mound, you’re the center of attention. The opposing team is looking for any clue to what you’re about to throw. Don’t give it to them!)
  • A simple strategy for what to do when self-doubt creeps in (Best part: it’s easier than you think! Your son will be empowered to counter this success-killer, instantly)
  • Exactly what it takes to pitch with confidence and be consistent (Tap into the thought-process of baseball’s best pitchers)
  • How to reset after a bad pitch…or a bad inning! (This is key to turning things back in your favor and confidently executing the next pitch, inning, or game)


The 7-Second Strategy is raw, unfiltered pitching instruction that creates winning pitchers.

Give your pitcher the tools he needs to play more with confidence and consistency starting today.