Do You Really Think Major League GM’s Care About How Hard You Throw When They’re Deciding Who’s Getting Called up To The Show?

Do you really think behind closed doors Major League decision makers care about…

Your Mechanics…

Your Spin Rate…

What round your were drafted in?

Most Pitchers and Coaches believe they do…

But Deep Down, truthfully, they don’t.

They care about one thing…

Can you help them win games and make them look good, PERIOD.

Welcome to the harsh reality of the Business of Baseball.

Every year 100’s of pitchers that throw 93+ mph get released at Spring Training.

So just being talented and throwing hard is NOT the secret to getting YOU to the Major Leagues.

Let’s face it,

You’re not getting to the Major Leagues because everyone else SUCKS…

And you’re not getting to the Major Leagues because you’re LUCKY!

You don’t need to count on luck…You Need A Strategy.

What The MLB GM And Manager Must Believe, Like and See In You…

  1. That You’re physically capable and healthy
  2. That You can intellectually prepare to pitch to MLB Hitters
  3. That You’re mentally focused and ready
  4. That You can emotionally handle the Major League Environment
  5. That You’re worth the risk of getting fired over

What’s it going to take for You to make the Major League Roster?

  1. You’ll need to believe that “Pitch Command is a Strategic Choice You Make Pre-Pitch”
  2. You’ll need to know how to study and read Major League Hitters weaknesses and attack them.
  3. You’ll need to strategically execute Your Pitches with Absolute Certainty.

Talent alone is not enough to get you on the 25 Man Roster, every Double AA and Triple AAA pitcher has talent.

So seriously…You have 2 choices

Keep doing what you’re doing and hope that it’s what you need to do to get to the Major Leagues.


Change your thinking from trying to convince them with your physical skills (that’s all ready a given)…to showing the Major League Decision Makers that you’re intellectually and emotionally ready for the pressure of the Major League environment while pitching in the Minor Leagues.

The “10 Million Dollar a Year” Major League Pitcher has a Daily STRATEGIC Process that he uses to Study Hitters, Master His Pitches and Execute His Pitches with Absolute Certainty in a Real Major League Game…

What’s Yours?

After your free confidential call you’ll know and understand exactly what you need to do.

Let’s have a Confidential Talk…And I mean Confidential, No Sales pitch, just you and me.

On the call we’ll talk about how to show Major League Managers and GM’s you’re Major League ready while pitching in the Minor Leagues.

I look forward to watching you pitch in the Major Leagues soon!

Let’s Talk Soon,


P.S. What got you drafted or signed will NOT get you to the Major Leagues… 

P.S.S. Talent might separate the men from the boys, but it DON’T separate Major Leaguers from the Minor Leaguers…

If your serious about pitching in the Major Leagues…Let’s Talk

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