The 1-on-1 Coaching Program That Will Help You Become A Big Game Pitcher

Goal Setting - Game Planning - Dominate Hitters

  • You’re frustrated that you can’t consistently throw strikes

  • You don’t trust your pitches in certain situations and counts

  • You are struggling with mastering a 2nd and 3rd pitch 

  • You focus too much on mechanics and velocity


  • You haven’t found a daily routine you trust


  • You don’t have a clear training plan for the next year


  • You let your negative thoughts get the best of you under pressure

If your coach don't trust you because you can't take it from the bullpen to the game, this program is for you.

Your Plan to Becoming a Big Game Pitcher

Schedule A Call

Create A Strategic Daily Plan

Pitch with Supreme Confidence

What Do I Get with the Program?

  • 1-on-1 Weekly Zoom Call with Coach Darrell


  • The Strategic Pitcher Daily/Weekly Planner


  • The Strategic Pitcher Pre-Pitch Routine Checklist


  • The Strategic Pitcher Pre-Game Routine Checklist


  • The Strategic Advantage Mindset Game Strategy Planner


  • Assessments to measure and track progress


  • In Season Post Game Evaluations


  • Coach Darrell’s Personal Cell Phone Number for Urgent Help

Whether you need to earn a coaches trust back or want to get the attention of college coaches or pro scouts, this program is for you.

You need a strategic plan and daily routine that keeps you focused on your pitching goals

Too many pitchers think velocity is the secret to pitching and they struggle to have consistent game day success. Velocity can be a false measurable when it comes to what it take to pitch in a real game. Pitching is about getting hitters out, not just how hard you can throw. It’s time to take control of your pitching career. It’s time to become a Strategic Pitcher. This program will help you become a big game pitcher that 


  • Your Coaches will trust

  • Your teammates will count on 

  • Your friends and family will be proud of you

  • You will dominate hitters


You won’t need to brag, your pitching will speak for itself.