Discover Which College Baseball Teams Are Most Likely To Recruit Your Son

Take the Pitcher Match Challenge using to find colleges that recruit players similar to your son and improve his chances of getting the attention of the right college coaches.

Know which colleges recruit players like your son + Learn how better test scores and grades can drastically increase your odds of being recruited + Find the best college coach matches for your son.

Do you know what colleges are most likely to recruit your son?
  • Are you curious about how to boost your sons chance of being recruited and playing College Baseball?
  • Do you want to see how even the smallest improvements in his academic and athletic performance can drastically impact his chances of being recruited?
  • Are you worried about ensuring your son attends the right college for his post-college goals?
  • Would you like to know what to say to College Coaches and when to say it… and how to gain the attention of College Coaches at the D-1 Level?


Playced is an easy to use software that lets you compare your sons performance to see which teams recruit similar players, increasing his chances at recruitment. 

Plus you’ll discover how his improvements can lead to more recruitment opportunities and even better divisions! – For less than $25!

Playced 4-Step Success Process


  1. Complete profile with athletic and academic stats.
  2. See which colleges recruit players most similar to your son.
  3. Target these coaches to improve your chances of getting recruited.
  4. Discover how improvements to grades or stats can bring opportunities for scholarships or colleges in higher divisions. 
Playced is for your son if :


  • You want to ensure that your son picks the college that best matches his goals and performance.
  • You want to know exactly how your son compares to other players—and which colleges are most suitable.
  • You want to increase your sons chance of being recruited and receiving scholarship offers.
  • You want to know what improvements can be made to gain the attention of better colleges and teams.
  • You want to give yourself and your son confidence that you’re researching and targeting the right kind of colleges.
  • You want to avoid investing $1,000s in recruiting experts and consultants.


Playced gives you the visibility and data for which colleges match your son’s performance, helping him target the right colleges with the best chance of recruiting a player like your son.

Take the guesswork out of which colleges to apply to and boost your son’s chances of getting recruited by the right team. Get Playced!

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John Doe
Find the right college, the right team, and the right recruitment opportunities. Easily.


Parents have long wondered how they could get an inside view into which colleges best match their son’s profile, colleges that are more likely to recruit and offer scholarships.

They’ve also wondered how to help their son become more competitive and which changes may gain the attention of colleges in                  higher divisions.

Until a few years ago, this required expensive recruiting consultants and a lot of guesswork—but things have changed.

Playced gives parents and players the data they need to see which college provides the best opportunity to get recruited and how improvements can impact recruitability. 

Using Playced, you can quickly build your son’s academic and athletic profile, see how it compares to colleges around the nation, and discover which offer the best chances for recruitment.

Use Playced to gain a data-driven approach to your son’s application strategy—for less than $25!