The 1-on-1 Coaching Program That Will Help You Call Your Own Pitches & Dominate Hitters

Pitch Mastery - Game Planning - Get Hitters Out

The real reason good pitchers struggle...
They can't call their own game

If you're worried that your coach won't trust you because you can't handle pitching under extreme pressure, this is the program you've been waiting for.

Your Plan to Becoming an Elite Starting Pitcher

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Create a Strategic
Daily Pitching Plan

Execute Pitches and Dominate Hitters

What Do I Get With the 1-on-1 Coaching Program

Whether you need to earn a coach's trust back or want to get the attention of college coaches or pro scouts, this program is for you.

You need a strategic plan and daily routine keeps you focused on your pitching goals.

Too many starting pitchers think velocity is the secret to pitching success. Velocity can be a false measurable when you are pitching against the best players in world. Pitching is about getting hitters out in a real baseball game, period. It's time you take control of your pitching future. It's time you become a strategic thinker and pitcher. This program will help you become the Big Game Starting Pitcher that Coaches trust, your teammates can count on and your friends and family are proud of. Are you ready to dominate hitters?

Meet your Coach

For 4 years while pitching in the minor leagues, Darrell Coulter struggled to figure out what he needed to do to make it to the Major Leagues. He didn’t make it. As a pitcher he spent too much time focusing on velocity and throwing harder when he should have spent that time on mastering a 3rd pitch and learning to read and study hitters. After spending the next 10 years and $10,000+ dollars researching dozens of coaches and pitching experts, he developed “The Strategic Pitcher Program” that he then used to help 150+ elite High School, College and Minor League pitchers chase their dream of pitching in College and the Major Leagues. Now, he’s opening remote coaching opportunities to you.

When you join the program, you’ll not only get personal access to Coach Darrell — you’ll also get the Pre-Pitch Routine Checklist Builder, the Pre Game Routine Checklist, The Strategic Pitcher Daily / Weekly Pitching Planning worksheets, and the complete Strategic Pitcher Program. Schedule a call below and start your journey to becoming the Big Game Starting Pitcher you’ve always dreamed of.